Whitby 2019!

7th to the 12th July 2019 at the YHA Whitby Youth Hostel

From the 7th to the 12th of July, 15 students from Brookvale Groby Learning Campus went on a Theatre in Education residential trip to Whitby for a week  to perform in primary schools in and around the area. 

This trip has been going every year for a very long time in Brookvale Groby’s history. Each year the performances are based around a different theme In recent years the themes have been; Shakespeare, Languages, Back to the future and this year… STUDYWITH!

This year we visited 5 different schools in whitby and performed to all of them, The children at these schools always enjoy our shows, they interact well and participate in any and all audience participation we offer in the performances.

The first performance was exhilarating  for everyone as being ‘drama kids’ we all love performing so it was great to finally do what we enjoy doing the most. All the performances were exciting for everyone and we all loved every second of it.

We also do workshops where we work with the children to produce pieces based on ours, this furthers their understanding and also not only lets them interact with us, but teaches us how to be around children and how we should be in a  professional environment.


The purpose of the trip has always been to educate primary school children on each topic and theme we had. This year, with the theme being ‘Study With’ we decided to do small performances in groups about different topics included on the Study With website, therefore we did 3 different performances.

The first one was based on ‘Man vs The Environment’ and has a group of super heroes trying to save the world from the evil mastermind Professor Pollution!

The next one was ‘All About the Arts’ and was the story of a russian art thief trying to steal the Mona Lisa and along the way, we learnt a lot of different facts about other paintings too.

And finally, the last piece was about how important different languages are in the world and we learnt how to appreciate different languages by showing Queen Brit with the help of the superheroes.

The journey was very easy and fun, we had music playing and everyone was singing and really cheery. When we stopped at the services for food and a break we all sat together and it’s like one big drama family- everyone adored this experience even though it was only the beginning of the even bigger experience on offer.

When we finally reached the YHA Whitby Youth Hostel where we were staying, everyone took all their belongings to their rooms and it felt as though the trip had finally begun in full swing and the trip became reality…WE WERE FINALLY HERE!

 George Garrett- Year 10 Student (Played the part of ‘The Tour Guide’)

I think it’s a fun trip in a very enjoyable part of England, I loved the freedom we were given and the places we got to see. I liked teaching the children through the performances…and even learning things for myself too!”

Annie Bellamy- Year 10 Student (Played the part of ‘Paris’)

“Whitby gave me a lot more confidence because of all the amazing people I was with and seeing how happy we made the children made all the hard work worth it.”

Maisie Perkins- Year 12 Student (Played the part of ‘Queen Brit’)

I really enjoyed the trip, I loved the social aspect of it as I made friends with people I wouldn’t usually get to know. I found that working together to create a piece really helped us understand one another. 

I love that the trip is based in Whitby as I believe it’s an ideal place for our age group. The arcades make great evening entertainment and there are countless things to do during the day. I would say I feel completely safe on the trip and look forward to it as a whole every year.

Isabel Rowe- Year 12 Student (Played the part of ‘Eco-Rico’)

“I really enjoyed getting to work with the children and seeing what kind of ideas they could come up with. I also enjoyed getting to spend time with my friends but also become closer with other people.”

Lucy Anderson- Year 12 Student (Played the part of ‘Dimitri the Russian Art Thief’)

“Whitby itself is a beautiful city and a part of North Yorkshire, It has a lot of history behind it which makes it a good tourist attraction, it’s interesting and it has so much to offer that a trip there is definitely worth it for all age groups.”

Elouise Scrivens- Year 10 Student (Played the part of ‘Madrid’)

So I thought overall the trip was an amazing experience, performing to the primary schools was something I’d never done before and I loved it, as well as the workshops with the children, they were all so energetic, and even though doing it every day was tiring, it was all worth it, because when we had free time, we’d go out into the town and it was amazing to go to the arcades or the sea or wherever. And I was happy to be doing it with everyone I did it with, we all had an amazing time. The place was nice, I really liked staying there, and it was really fun overall.

Tyler Marlow- Year 11 Student (Played the part of ‘Snooty Art Expert’)

I loved our trip to Whitby! Being  able to travel around such a beautiful place, whilst doing what I love (Acting and educating), was a really special experience! I got the chance to work with some great people and spend lot’s of time with old and new friends. The 2019 Study With tour was a fantastic experience, and I enjoyed every moment of it, from performing, working with the kids, spending time at the beach, experiencing Whitby night life and sharing such an incredible, unique experience with the people who I love!

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