Using a vlog to advertise a school show.


We wanted to use a VLOG to advertise one of our school shows, in this case, a Variety Show. Nobody really looks at posters anymore so we wanted something that used technology to generate interest and enthusiasm for our performance. VLOGs are a great way to generate interest. They give you a real flavour of the event, can convey information quickly and can also be fun to make and watch.



Our Vlogs!



We have used a large selection of devices to record the footage, this ranges from cameras on our mobile phones all the way to our professional Performing Arts video camera.



We edited our VLOGs using ‘Movie Maker’. We used the Mac suite in our school Music Room but the same technology is available on most i phones. While for you these videos are up to 2 minutes long, the raw footage usually spanned to around 45 minutes. That’s a lot of potential bloopers!

“What is a variety show?”

A variety show is a mix of different performances, its a bit like Britains Got Talent but without the judges (and slightly more skill). This one includes song and dance, stand up comedy, shadow puppetry and, as you’ll see from the VLOGs, a whole lot more.

How we did it…

We started with planning for the VLOGs, mindmapping out our ideas as a group, yet we soon decided that we should add interviews of our team so you could further understand the purpose of hosting the show and including exclusive, behind the scenes action and rehersal footage for a sneak peek of the thrill awaiting you if you come along.


Come back in a little while for a final VLOG with the best bits from the show!

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