Mascot Competition

Year 7 competition at Brookvale Groby 

To celebrate the launch of our new StudyWith Mascot, we thought that we should let the future members of StudyWith and the Year 7’s at Brookvale Groby to name our little mascot. Their task was to name him and create a six piece storyboard of how he arrived at StudyWith.

For this, Project Managers Emma and Rosie introduced the mascot and StudyWith to all the Year 7’s. With the help of a 3D printed model of the mascot created by graphic designer Ethan Blackwell, who also created the mascot graphics, we got the kids even more engaged as they could win a 3D mascot and chocolate. 

We receive many of entries and we were so pleased with how much time and effort they put into this task. It was very a tough decision to decide on a winner. But the winner went over and beyond our expectations with their piece of work, and everyone at Studywith loved the name and story of the mascot.

Olivia Fenn – Winner                                            Meet BONGO our Mascot

Winning entry


Olivia Fenn

Runner up

Beesann Loubani

Runner up

Pranay Mistry

Runner up

Mohaned Hassouna

Runner Up

Annika Chouhan

One day, sitting in a toy shop is this toy called Bongo. Everyday Bongo sits on his shelf waiting for somebody to buy him. He sees children in the shop walking out with glistening smiley grins and a new toys. The days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months. Finally Bongo realises that he is missing out and should probably move on.
Bongo jumped off the shelf and discreetly walked out the door. Outside was a big school called Brookvale Groby, so Bongo thought that he should probably check it out. Suddenly, a tall, smartly dressed lady picked him up and shoved him in a dark and dusty box. “Where am I?” Bongo said under his breath. The box started to move and before he knew it, he was being shipped away to Canada.
The boat jolted to a halt as the box started moving again. The box felt very warm so Bongo thought something bad was going to happen. As quick as lightening Bongo jumped out of it and into the sea. “Few” he said to himself as he noticed they were going to hit n immensely-hot volcano. Then he thought that he should probably head home. 

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