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StudyWith is a topic-driven educational resource with a wide range of materials produced by students and teachers together. It takes advantage of the latest IT developments to provide stimulating and challenging resources across all key stages and subject areas. It provides distance learning opportunities that students, teachers, and parents can take advantage of.

Competition Time!

Competition Time!

To find out how your primary school could win one of two fantastic prizes visit our competition page.

All you have to do is create a short music video based on the StudyWith song.

It’s free to join in and open to any UK Primary School.


Entry closes Friday 25th October 2019.

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Please watch our video case study with TV’s Helen Skelton…… we’re very proud of it.


Whitby 2019 !!!

From the 7th to the 12th of July, 15 students from Brookvale Groby Learning Campus went on a Theatre in Education residential trip to Whitby for a week  to perform in primary schools in and around the area. 

This trip has been going every year for a very long time in Brookvale Groby’s history. Each year the performances are based around a different theme In recent years the themes have been; Shakespeare, Languages, Back to the future and this year… STUDYWITH!

Whitby 2019!

7th-12th July 2019

G Suite – How do you?!?

Have you seen the power of G Suite?

Or have you never heard of it before?

Here’s a basic guide by our very own Rob Rayner, Project Lead of StudyWith.

Rob shows us the In's and Outs of basic G Suite functions

10th June 2019

Bett Show 2019!

What an experience the Bett Show was, we had so much fun showcasing the technology we have been using over the past few months and promoting our website to the public.

What a great turnout we had on all four days and each day presented new challenges and tasks to the last.Thanks to Lenovo for giving us as students the opportunity to be at the BETT show because  we gained valuable experience which we are very grateful for.

Bett Show 2019!

23rd-26th January 2018

Its Spider time

Wow – Our artists have been working hard, you have to see this to believe it. Not one drop of paint was spilled and Spiders in VR

Groby Art and Design - Tarantula's brought to life

17th January 2019

Out of this world!

We have now taken more students to the international space station than the total number of astronauts who have visited the ISS!
Also TV’s Helen Skelton joined us for one of our amazing trips. To see the activity plan for the computer science lesson simply follow the link below. 

Groby Computer Science - VR trip to the ISS

18th December 2018

Oceans Apart –

A Dance Experience

Feel the beat and convey a message! Year 10 dance students have been visiting some of the most poluted places on earth with the power of VR. See how they have translated their vision and passion into a dance that “beats” home a message of change…. yes the pun was intended.

Groby Dance, Feel the beat, time to change.

17th December 2018

World Museum Liverpool

What an amazing time we had. 31 students from class 5 of Elizabeth Woodvile Primary school Groby where supported by 22 students from Brookvale Groby Learning campus on our joint field trip to World Museum Liverpool. We learnt a lot about the environment and how fragile life is on our planet.

We got up close and personal with insects in the Bug House and rock-pool life in the aquarium. We spent along time recording our little friends in Virtual Reality before finishing the day in the Planetarium looking at what alien life might look like!!

Thanks to PCS Business Systems and Lenovo for making our day possible.

World Museum Liverpool, PCS Business Systems and Lenovo

12th December 2018

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